SEO expert, full-stack developer, technophile with over 20 years experience. Founder & CTO of MarketKarma in Miami Beach, Florida.
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SEO expert, full-stack developer, technophile. Founder & CTO of MarketKarma in Miami Beach, Florida.

I drive revenue. All other metrics pale in comparison.

Be it billion-dollar brands or startups, I've spent the last two decades architecting software solutions and innovative search marketing strategies (domestic & international) for e-commerce. I believe in the power of 'what if?'; leveraging hybrid expertise in software development, search engine optimization (SEO), and e-commerce to achieve extraordinary results.

My core competencies include search engine optimization (enterprise and international strategy, on and off-page optimization, and programmatic and technical SEO), software development, data wrangling (natural language processing and computational ontologies), and search marketing automation.


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Jul 2022 - Present

Executive Board Member, Fast Company Executive Board

May 2022 - Present

Official Member, Forbes Technology Council

Jun 2012 - Present

Founder & CTO / Global Head of SEO, MarketKarma

Nov 2022 - Present

Council Member, Young Entrepreneur Council

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